Our story

Georgians are hosts at heart. That is why such a crazy project idea was born in local Tbilisi-based creative agency Betterfly DDB.

It is almost unbelievable that so many companies across the country came together to open their office doors for free to guests around the globe. And this is done in order to put Georgia on the global map of digital nomadism and turn the country into a digital nomad hub.

Apart from hospitality, Georgia has everything that digital nomads are looking for. This is one of the reasons why the crazy idea that was born has actually taken shape.

workfromgeorgia is a non-commercial initiative 100% fueled by the idea that more open and connected world is what we all need.

Our mission

Founded in 2019, workfromgeorgia is a platform that offers workspaces in local communities to digital nomads for FREE.

workfromgeorgia is all about creating more authentic and comfortable travel experience, connecting people from around the world, and encouraging new friendships that transcend national borders.

The platform allows digital nomads to not only travel as tourists, but also immerse themselves in the every-day life of Georgians, to not only visit, but stay and explore. Guests can expect comfortable workspaces during daytime and fun parties after hours. workfromgeorgia gives companies a chance to do what Georgians pride themselves on the most: practice true Georgian hospitality.

Why Georgia

Georgia is the perfect place for a digital nomad hub because the cost of living is low, quality of life is relatively high, weather is pleasant, internet speed and coverage is superb, there is 365 days visa-free policy for a large number of countries, there is no need for work permits, no bureaucracy, no paperwork.

Not to mention that Georgia, although somewhat still a hidden gem, is becoming one of the trendiest places in the world. In addition to its century-old architecture, wine-making tradition, cuisine and untouched nature, Georgia has a growing art scene, world class clubs, hip bars and fusion restaurants. It is definitely the place to be right now.


Comfortable Weather Conditions


No visa policy/easy visa process


Low cost of living


Fast internet


Proximity to other destinations


High level of safety


Exciting nightlife and art scene


Gorgeous nature

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