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The primary goal of workfromgeorgia is to develop Georgian tourism potential and turn the country into a hub for digital nomads, a rapidly growing segment of travelers. We do expect certain side effects from this project, such as increase in general awareness about Georgia; interest from all types of tourists: digital nomads, backpackers, business travelers, etc.; stronger country’s image attributes in hospitality & friendliness.


Have Fun with Foreign Stuff 

workfromgeorgia is based on the idea of exchanging experiences and connecting people from around the world in order to form new friendships and gain new perspectives. Hosts will welcome guests who have come from and travelled to different parts of the world. These interactions will be a good way of sharing information and having fun with foreign guests.  


Show Your Hospitality

Georgians are hosts in nature and workfromgeorgia is another proof. Through the platform, companies from across the country will not only invite guests to visit the country, but also to stay here for longer and experience Georgian hospitality on their own skin. By joining the forces together under this platform, Georgians can now take the hospitality to a whole new level. 

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