What type of company can register as a host?

Any company that operates in Georgia from small start-up to huge corporation can register as a host.

How can I register as a host?

By clicking sign up button on on top right corner of the page

What do I need to provide for guests?

More amenities the better. However, the minimum requirements are a desk in an office and high-speed internet. Provision of printer, scanner, coffee machine and other amenities are optional.

How do I communicate with the guest prior to their arrival?

Initially, via email. You will be connected to your guest via email you indicate in your registration form.

How do I greet a guest?

Greeting a guest is a second nature for Georgians, it goes without saying that a designated person should greet a guest, conduct a short orientation and introduce him/her to the company staff.

Who can register as a guest?

Any traveler from any country can book a desk and stay with a company.

Do I need to pay anything as a guest?

The service is completely free.

How can I register as a guest?

By clicking sign up button on on top right corner of the page.

May I cancel the reservation any time?


How do I cancel reservation as a guest?

By pressing a cancelation button on user profile page.

Do I need a visa for Georgia?

A lot of countries are exempt from visa for short-term stay. You can check whether you need a visa or not on the following webpage by filling out relevant information about yourself. https://www.evisa.gov.ge/GeoVisa/en/VisaApp If you need a visa, you can obtain an electronic one from the indicated website.

What do I get except the desk at a host company?

At a minimum, guests get a desk, good WIFI and welcoming staff. Companies might supply guests with printer, scanner and other office amenities. Companies have a list of their amenities on their company profiles.

How long can I stay at one company?

Each person can stay for up to a month in one company. He/she can move to another company in Georgia if they would like to.

What are the working hours of the host company?

Working hours for Georgian companies vary. This information is listed in the company profile.

Will someone greet me at the company during my first visit?

Traditionally, Georgians love to greet their guests and this case is not an exception. Host companies have a designated person who will welcome a guest and conduct a short orientation.

What do I need to bring on the first day?

Just bring your passport.

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